17 September 2014

My New Best Friend

I've been really struggling the last week or so with shoulder pain.  It went up into both sides of my neck and down my back over the weekend.  My awesome physical therapist, BB, worked on my shoulder Friday and I'm not surprised I don't have bruises.  It was pretty stubborn and didn't want to release.  He's decided he's naming the sound-proof room after me, for sure.  I did my fair share of yelling, though I didn't curse.  I have been known to do that but I'm trying to clean up my language--not that it's bad.  I'd just rather not run the risk of something ugly coming out of my mouth, ya know?  Self control.  It's all about self control.

Monday's visit was almost as bad.  I feel like I'm carrying the weight of the (my) world on my poor broken shoulders.  BB even agrees.  I'm carrying a lot of stress these days, more so than "normal".

While BB's manipulations helped a little bit, I have a new best friend.  "She" doesn't go everywhere with me but is right there when I'm at home.  (I went with "she" because it didn't seem right to call a rice pad that has a cute sunflower on it a "he".)  It's a both sides kind of day today.  Yes, I have a funky tan line thanks to my sling.  I try to protect that part of my body because it would be the first to go with sun damage so I'm a little annoyed by the tan, especially when I was out of the sun!

Sorry, I'd rather be my natural un-touched by the sun skin color and look like I'm in my 20s than have a "nice, glowing" tan and look my age--or older.  I kind of like being "carded" and mistaken for my daughter's sister and GB's daughter.  No, I'm not sorry for feeling that way.  Of course that makes my ultimate dream/goal of living in Hawai'i rather difficult..  *wry chuckle*

Ahh, heat. It helps relax those tightened muscles. I love my cheerful looking heated rice pad.  Oh, time to heat it up yet again!

16 September 2014

Open Window=Kitteh Magnet

With having cooler weather recently (though it was back in the nineties yesterday), I've started to open the window.  Like moths to a flame they come...

I Found Her!

I've written in the past about how I've found nearly everyone who has been important in my life on Facebook.  I love being able to have contact with them.  There was one who I couldn't find.  I suspected that she just wasn't into Facebook.  She's too busy...  It's a waste of time...  My former neighbor is one of the most influential people in my life and I've been sad that I lost contact with her.

Not.  Anymore.

I decided last night to do a search for her on FB.  I do one every so often but had pretty much given up hope on ever finding her.

Well, I found her!  I sent a friend request and woke up this morning with the notice that she'd accepted my friend request!!!

That's pretty much everyone important in my life.  Well, I'm not including the one that I'm waiting on to friend me.  We were FB friends before but...  They know where I am (I don't need that rejection, again) and when they're ready to be friends on FB, I'll be waiting.

14 September 2014

Sunday, Sunday

I spent most of the day in the recliner in the living room.  I read three, no, four books and played Frozen Free Fall every time my lives regenerated.

Zoey was on my lap or beside me in the chair most of the time.

 She sure enjoyed the snuggles.  I enjoyed them too, and the quiet time.  The books?  Eh.  Three of them were romance novels.  Made me sad.  Not uplifted or encouraged.  Sad.  I did like Patron Saint of Lost Dogs, though.

13 September 2014

Just Keep Praying...

There are reasons I like Facebook and reasons I don't.  Today is a post about why I like Facebook.  *wry chuckle*  Why do I like FB today?  Because it's often easy to let people know something by posting it on FB than it is to text or call.  One post, that's it.  Well, depending upon what the news to share is.

Wrenn shared some news yesterday.  No, not that kind of news.  There's been a lot of drama in the past few days so neither of them remembered to tell me until they bought her a new car.

She had been in an accident on I-15 on Tuesday.  Horribly shaken up, bruised and sore, she's lucky to be alive.  As she said when she was texting me, the Lord was watching out for her because she could have very easily rolled her car but didn't.  She just hit the concrete median.

Scary times.

Her experience brings refreshed meaning to me when I pray for her and Al (and the rest of my children) every night.

12 September 2014

2014 Healing Field

I stopped by the Promenade in Sandy this afternoon on the way home from physical therapy.  I hadn't been to the Healing Field since 2011 and with it being a beautiful clear blue September day, I thought I'd try to get some photos.

I walked from one end to the other and back again.  That's probably about a fifth of a mile from top to bottom.  Here's a link to the satellite view of it.  That gives you an idea of what it looks like.  All that grass?  Flags.  From Sego Lily at the north (top) to 10200 S at the south (bottom).  Three thousand of them.

It's a beautiful, almost sacred feeling site, walking among the flags flapping in the wind with the knowledge that each flag represents a human being who lost their life in the attacks 13 years ago..
I remember
 I love the flag and everything it represents. 

I just realized this is the first time that I've been there since Shorty served in Afghanistan--and next year, she'll be in Romania.  All these years later and the effects of that day are still touching peoples' lives.

11 September 2014

Went With the Wind

One of my favorite all time novels is Gone with the Wind.  I've always felt a kinship with Scarlett O'Hara Hamilton Kennedy Butler.  I've read the book 12 times and who knows how many times I've seen the movie.

One of those fun Facebook quizzes that was about GWTW showed up on my feed today and I had to take it to test my knowledge.  Out of the ten questions, nine were about the plot.  The first one asked how many Oscars did the movie win.  No clue.  But the remaining nine?  Too easy!   Then there was another quiz about which GWTW character I would be.

Great balls of fire you are Scarlett O'Hara! You are one tough, independent, fire cracker and certainly a force to be reckoned with. With your striking good looks and quick wit, you are often the center of attention and certainly know how to work a crowd. You are a natural leader and when faced with conflict it’s your resilient and determined nature that pulls everyone through. Your hard-headed tendencies can get the best of you. But you can't help it - you know what you want, you know what’s right, and you're gonna get it! 
Eh....  But then as I clicked on it, there was a link to Carol Burnett's version, Went with the Wind.  I used to watch her show all the time, it's still one of my favorites, and I remember the first time I watched that comedy sketch. I loved it!  Probably my most favorite sketch from The Carol Burnett Show,  ever!!! I can still see her in the curtain dress.  In fact, when I watch GWTW, I can still compare the two.  From Scarlett to Starlett, Ratt to Rhett, Brashley to Ashley... Comedic genius!

So I was thrilled to find the entire 19+ minute sketch on YouTube.