31 August 2014

No Goose Egg

It was a successful game, in my opinion.   Why?  Because they scored at least once and didn't get blanked.  And it was "only" 31 points.

The Incredible Reappearing Savings Bond

Being realistic, I know my beloved Aggies don't really stand a chance against Tennessee.  Like I told the Caboose, it would be like the Aggie basketball team playing against the Jazz.  Hope for the best, expect the worst...  So, I'm recording the game but not watching it.  I don't talk big, not even ifwhen I  could back it up.  Although I find it interesting that I was watching the game on the SEC network.  Say what?

So instead I decided to come upstairs and share the story of the Incredible Reappearing Savings Bond.

When I was a little girl, my grandma's sister, my Auntie Betty, bought a bunch of US savings bonds for me.  I didn't know about them until I got married in 1988, when my mom used some of them to help pay for my wedding.  She kept a few back but gave me what she thought was the rest of them about a decade ago.

But there was a stray one that she found a few years ago and gave to me.  I set it aside in a safe place until a time when I might need it.  As time went on, I decided to wait until it matured in 2013 to cash it in--if even then.

Then we decided to paint the house.  I was supposed to be the one to clear my desk and would have put the savings bond in a safe place.  Thanks to a herniated disc, though, I ended up flat on my back for about three weeks and G2 cleaned my computer room out--including my desk.  The bond was gone.  He didn't remember seeing it and after I recovered from both the injured back and pneumonia-like illness that followed, I searched for it.  It wasn't anywhere it should have been.  I was so frustrated.  Not with G2, mind you.  He was just doing what he was supposed to.

I was so confused by the missing bond.  It couldn't have gone too far!  I searched for and prayed about it; though as time went on, I figured it was lost, thrown away accidentally, even, and actually printed out the "lost bond" forms to send in.  July came and it matured, still missing.  I didn't even have the serial number.  I held off on the sending the forms in because I needed a notary and any time I thought about it, I wasn't in a position to go get the stamp.

And so I forgot about that missing bond--though it did cross my mind just this week.

The Caboose and G2 were clearing off the table for dinner this evening and as I walked by to put some paper in the recycling, I noticed a savings bond just sitting there on the table.  I wondered if it had come in the mail for G2 and glanced down at the name(s) on it.  They were all looking at me...

It was my missing bond, found while they were going through the coupons I cut out this past week.

No one knows where it came from.  They couldn't even tell me for sure what it was mixed up in on the table.  It had appeared out of thin air, pretty much!  It's been missing over 18 months from out of my computer room and yet here it was, on my kitchen table with no one knowing (especially me) how it came to be there.

I was extremely confused for a little while but I've just decided to accept the blessing that unseen hands found it and placed it on the table for us to find.

Now, what should I buy with it?  *wry chuckle*  It's not earning interest anymore so there's no point in keeping it for that reason.  Hmmm.....

30 August 2014

Rain Delay?

I had plans tonight.  Can't decide who I would root for: the school that my brother teaches at & my other brother got his MS in architecture from or that other team that I'm a closet fan of...

Watching Dateline instead. Go...  um... Chomp.

The "Loopy Pill"

My sweet friend that I knew years and years ago at Fort Polk had thyroid surgery on Thursday.  She just took a "Loopy Pill" and warned her FB fans that she can't be responsible for anything that she types.

Ah, yes.  I remember that.  Taking a "loopy pill" and maybe doing something I probably shouldn't have done.  I don't claim one way or the other because I can't find it in my emails and since I can't find it there, I obviously didn't really send it...  *wry chuckle*  That's my story, and I'm sticking to it!

That's one of the reasons why I try so hard to get off the "loopy pills" as fast as I can after a surgery.  I'm sure the imagined sequel to that original parable wouldn't go over as well....

Oh look..  Squirr...  Erm, Roses!


My brother posted a reference on FB to a compilation that my mom had put together about my dad's early years this morning; and since it didn't sound familiar, I went looking for it.  Found what he was referring to but I found something else as well in the book.

My dad's commercial pilot's license.

Apparently that particular bit of information about my dad slipped my mind because I was very surprised to discover that this morning.  He was a naval aviator in WWII and had stories to tell.
A lot of stories that we missed because we didn't ask and he didn't write them down.  I've said it before and I'm saying it again:  It's so very important for future generations for us to write our life stories down, either as they happened, or later, and hopefully with very little exaggeration.  *wry chuckle*  Now that he's gone, I really wish I could learn more things that I didn't know about Dad.

28 August 2014


Even though I was cleared last week of no weight limitations, I still have babied my shoulder.  Even though my awesome physical therapist is feeling pretty darn good about the progress I've made in the past 15 weeks since my shoulder surgery, I still have a nagging feeling I can't shake that something isn't right.  It still hurts too much, this far out.  The incision site doesn't look as good as I think it should.

And then there was last night.  I started to rub lotion on my stomach when my shoulder started clicking.  That has never happened before. You read that right.  Clicking.  Not popping like it's been doing, but clicking.  And visibly moving weird.  I could see it in the mirror as I was rubbing my stomach.  I started getting queasy--even though it didn't hurt, it just felt weird--and stopped for a moment.  I resumed the motion and the clicking stopped.  I haven't been able to replicate it since.  And the pain has spiked since that happened.

Today at physical therapy, it got fatigued a lot faster than it normally does and again, the pain spiked.  I'm frustrated.  Very frustrated.  BB says movement is solid and it's staying in the joint like it's supposed to but he doesn't like that it clicked on me and that my pain has increased.

It's been 15 weeks for crying out loud!

So he restricted my activities again and I'm back to two visits a week.  Did I mention that I'm feeling frustrated?  *sigh*

I ended my visit with 15 minutes of the Game Ready.  This thing is kewel.  Very kew-el.

 The wrap is filled with cold water as well as air so that I get "iced" and compression on my shoulder.  While it's cold (and you know I don't like cold), I still really like it.  It's a lot better than just plain ice bags.

Took me an hour to get home thanks to "rush hour" traffic and then I spent the evening at the library while GB went to a meeting there.  It's the first time I've been there to get books since mid-May and I got a few.  Nineteen, to be exact.
Most of them are easy reads, well, at least for me.  I love books.  I prefer them to electronic devices.   I love to read.  Off to take a bath with a book and soak my shoulder for a while.

Yay, It's Throw Back Thursday!

Easter 1990.  
Trying to get a photo to send to Daddy who was deployed to Panama at the time.

Miss my baby. Miss my puppy.  Miss the innocence I had of what life was going to be like at that time.