27 November 2014

Thanksgiving with Shorty

She got to Grandma's in time for Thanksgiving dinner, though it wasn't really a "dinner" since we ate at 2 pm.  GB had cooked the turkey.  It was really very, very good.

But anyway, This is the first Thanksgiving since I don't remember that I got to spend with Shorty.  2009?  2010?  My photo folder tells me 2010.

She was at OSUT in 2011 and in Afghaniland in 2012.  Last year she was with her dad at that same race in Idaho Falls.  Next year, Romania.

My friend who lost her daughter to suicide five months ago has been on my mind and in my prayers today. It's been a very hard day for her and I am so grateful to be with my daughter today.  I'm thankful for my daughter.

So I hugged her a lot.  We tried some selfies but I hate them.  I just hate them.

Oh, wait.  I have one from last week.

Beautiful Sunset

The sunset coming home from Uintah this evening was amazing.  Absolutely amazing.

My picture doesn't do it justice.  I haven't touched it at all.  The oranges, yellows, purples, pinks...

No Excuses

Oh, wow. My cute little 81 year old mother-in-law who has had two knee replacements, has type 2 diabetes,  on dialysis for kidney failure, and who can't walk anywhere to save her life, told me today that she rides her recumbent bike a total of 90 minutes a day. Not all at once, of course. She's feeling better and has lost quite a bit of weight as well.

Ninety minutes a day.

I have no excuse.

Not when I'm getting schooled by a 81 year old woman.

I'm gonna start at 5 minutes. I think.

Thanksgiving Memories

Ah Thanksgiving.  The major holiday that is often around my birthday.  The Caboose's school is off today though the year-round elementary schools are not.  He asked why and that got me reminiscing about my childhood and adult Thanksgivings.

When I was growing up, we had early release on the day before Thanksgiving so that people who traveled, could.  We never really did.  I think we'd have "orphaned" college students over but we'd stay home every year.

My first Thanksgiving away from home was in Germany in 1988.  The nsd(x)h was guarding nukes that day so I ended up joining a motley group of people to celebrate.  The majority of the group were expatriate families from church.  I think there was only one other military family there.  The thing I remember the most was how we were supposed to bring something from our own family to share with everyone else.  Being pregnant and barely 18, I brought a can of yams.  An older lady (I can still picture her in my head) ripped me apart because you're not supposed to have canned yams for Thanksgiving--even though that's what my family would have.  *sigh*  26 years later and that's what I remember.

The next year, 1989, I was at home in Rexburg with baby Al while his dad was at Fort Polk.  My sister and grandma came for Thanksgiving.  It was probably only the 4th time in my life I'd seen her.  She was younger than I am now in the photo.

Thanksgiving 1990 is probably my most favorite Thanksgiving ever.  I wish I had photos.  We were at Fort Polk and had friends that were more like family to dinner.  I've said it before, it's probably the last time I cooked Thanksgiving dinner.  It probably wasn't as happy or fun as I remember, but it was just...  Good.  even if we had Maine potatoes rather than Idaho ones.

Thanksgiving 1991.  Ugh.  No likey.  No likey at all.  That one still causes a pain in my heart.  So close yet so far.

We were moving during Thanksgiving 1992.  We actually ate dinner at the mess hall on Rose Barracks while we were cleaning our quarters on Blumenstrasse.  We might have had a meal with friends.  My friend who lives in Virginia now had a baby that day, I think.  Or the day before, so our plans were kind of ruined.  Oh, and the nsd(x)h was on crutches because he'd sprained his ankle playing basketball--and I was in my first trimester of pregnancy, dealing with morning sickness.  I'm not sure how we cleaned those quarters!

Thanksgivings 1993-96 were spent in Rexburg again.  My grandma had moved to Idaho Falls the summer of 1991 so she was with us the first two.  She passed away in October 1995, right before my marriage ended.

Once I married GB, we took turns for the first decade, going back and forth between our families.  Thanksgiving 2007 was the first one at the "cabin" and we stopped at the cemetery on the way up to see my dad's new headstone.  That was a hard one.

The Caboose reading to his cousin,
who just adored him--or was it his
Rubbermaid tote
of Hot Wheels that go back to 1990.
I love these mountains.
My mountains

I think it was after that year that my mom decided that she wasn't going to host Thanksgiving anymore and  she was going to spend it with my brother and his family for the rest of her life--and we aren't invited.

We go to my in-laws every year for Thanksgiving now.  This year, GB is responsible for the turkey.  He cooked it yesterday and boy, did it smell divine.  The marrieds are in Oregon and G2 is going to his girlfriend's for Thanksgiving. Shorty will be with us, though late as she's helping her dad time a race in Idaho Falls.

I like Turkey Day.  I like turkey.  I like yams.  And pumpkin pie.  Oh, and seeing the gigantic Snoopy balloon at the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade.

Happy Thanksgiving and stay warm.

26 November 2014

She Likes it Too

The quilt I was using the other day in the garage got washed.  It's my go-to quilt for outdoor sports these days.  It hasn't been on my bed for a very long time.  I'm not willing to get rid of it just yet.  Some silly, inane reason...

It's on my "grandma" couch at the moment and Keeks thinks it's the best thing ever.

Ooh, microwave went off.  Time for heat.

I'm Annoyed

It shouldn't be this hard.  It really shouldn't.  I've fixed my webcam before without any issues.  It's almost as if Dell has stopped supporting the software because I can't find it anywhere.


Time to reheat the rice bag.

Maybe It's A Good Thing?

Zoey was on my lap a few minutes ago and I was going to get a photo of us with my webcam.  Only it didn't work.

Gahhh......  I hate when that happens.  Now I'm trying to figure out how to reinstall the drivers and software for the webcam.

But maybe it's a good thing it doesn't work if I'm going to give it to the Caboose...