21 May 2015

#tbt Germany

A Missionary Mom friend of mine is currently vacationing in Germany and it's been fun looking at her photos.  It's also brought back memories and desires to return myself.

I figured I'd share some (hopefully previously unseen online) photos of my time in Deutschland for this week's episode of TBT.

Can you find me in the photo?


I'm surprised at how little I'm in the photos.  :(

Been Years, Still Care

Sometimes I wonder if I could make a living doing research on the interwebs.  I've been pretty good at finding people and things over the years.  (I'm still rather proud of that whole free except for shipping tank turret idea to run the four-barrel telescope at the Atmospheric Lidar Observatory at USU.  I saved my professor a lot of money as well as time.)

I got a bee buzzing in my mind today about a couple I knew a long time ago so I decided to do some exploring.  I started on FB first and discovered that he just recently retired as a police officer.  That didn't surprise me because when I knew him, he was an MP.

Then I decided to google him and a treasure trove of sadness opened up.  Article after article showed up in my Google search about him and his wife, a former friend and the struggles they've had because he was injured on the job so bad that he couldn't work anymore. I could have sworn, though, that I'd been told they were divorced.  They were really good friends of mine a long time ago and my heart breaks to read about what has been going on in their lives.

19 May 2015

Here We Go Again

Ever cognizant of OpSec....

My lil MP and her unit flew out this morning.  They're on their way to a military base in Texas for mobilization before heading OCONUS.

Shorty stayed with K last night so we met them at the airport o-dark-thirty.  Even though Perky didn't want anything to do with her before she left, he stayed by the front door most of the evening.  :(  She was so sad that he was angry.

It was a very early morning made all the more stressful by kitties who wanted attention every hour from about 3 am on.  I was a little surprised that they flew commercial without any ceremony or anything but *shrug*

I was unexpectedly unemotional--even when her dad showed up.  It went, well, better than expected, I suppose.
They started going through security but she stuck around for a while.

No likey my face.  :(
You can't go to the Salt Lake airport without seeing
members of another army leaving for their 2 years of service
He wasn't sure what to make of it, I think.
It's hard.
 She hugged us all, (K last) and walked off without looking back.

 I don't know why I was so calm and non-teary this time around.  My emotions weren't elevated at all (and I avoided talking with the nsdxh as much as I could--although I did thank him for buying the Caboose a peppermint hot chocolate at Starbucks).  I just observed.

I suppose it's because I'm used to her not being around, maybe?

Until I got triggered.  I hate triggers.  As I wrote on my Facebook post, the hardest part about seeing my lil MP off on her second deployment (at age 21) wasn't watching her go up that escalator.  No, it was watching the tearful wives say good bye to their husbands and fathers to their infant children.  That's where I got triggered.  I was immediately sent back to that time in my life where I was the wife with an infant in my arms saying good bye.

That hurt.  Even though it's been a quarter century since I was that wife in those shoes, once again I was taken to the exact moment with those exact emotions. It's why I hate early mornings 99,9 percent of the time.

The hardest part for me, I think, is that I can't talk about my feelings or the memories of that time with anyone who was there--because I don't have anyone close who was there.  But then again, that's why I blog.

Anyway, I just got a text from my lil MP that they've arrived at their destination and now the fun begins.  I'll update over the next 10 months as much as I'm able and if you're interested, especially in regards to OpSec.

18 May 2015

Many Faces of Idaho

I've lived other places longer, most definitely.  But I think it's because I grew up in Idaho that I have such a deep affection for the state I haven't lived in for over two decades.

My brother posted this link recently about the state I claim as home.  I could move there.  I really could.

Mark's Living Gift

It sits there on my kitchen window sill.  Sometimes it's dormant and looks dead.  Other times it's growing.  It's never bloomed, though.

It was Mark's Christmas gift to me back when I worked at South Hills Middle School.  I think it's an Amaryllis.  I think.  Just recently I thought it had succumbed to my lack of a green thumb (I did not inherit that gene from my plant magician of a father, that's for sure) and died.  It looked dead.  I was very sad.

In a last ditch effort to see if I could save it, I watered it.

It wasn't dead.  I don't know if it will bloom this time around, I hope it will.  I'm glad it's still alive. I'm reminded nearly every time I look at it of the boss/friend who gave it to me.  He was good to me--not many people are--and for that I am thankful for his living gift.

Maybe I Want To...

The Caboose has a comp lacrosse team try out this evening up at the U.  It's a good 45 minutes away and on the completely opposite end of the valley than where we live.  I had planned on going.

GB just passive-aggressively hinted that I need to stay home to take care of Sapphire.  Just what I want to do--be home alone without any humans to keep me company.

*sigh*  My whole purpose in life these days is apparently taking care of his dog.

I guess I could catch up on some of the shows that I've DVRd and haven't been able to watch.  Eh...

Memories of May

Distraction is a good thing, right?  Especially when Shorty just said good bye to Perky and Perky wanted nothing to do with her

I figured why not write a post about my favorite month, May.  I love May.  Always have.  Why?  Well, let's see...

As a child, May always meant the last month of school, often finished before Memorial Day.  In Rexburg, Spring was always in full bloom in May.  Lilacs (Syringa!) were in bloom, school was winding down with the promise of sleeping in once it was over.  May in Rexburg was ah-maz-ing.

(Okay, so it's been something like 25 years since I spent a May in Rexburg and it's probably nothing like I remember...)

I even find myself thinking fondly of my first May (1988) in northern Germany.  I had good friends who were introducing me to all things German:  Wiener Schnitzel und pommes frites mit mayo, Spaghetti Eis.  Ahhh....  Spring in Germany was almost as good.  Exploring my new home with its ancient castles and histories.  Tulips and windmills in Holland.  I appreciate(d) the nsdxh's desire to explore right along with me.  I miss exploring.

Then there are the bittersweet memories of the May that totally changed my life.  In a heart beat...  In a heartbeat.

The first May of the second tour of Germany was neat as well.  Exploring in that snot green BMW in Bavaria, volksmarches, more Wiener Schnitzel und pommes frites mit mayo.  And at least one trip into the now former Czechloslovakia.  Bohemian crystal!!!!!

May in Cache Valley was similar to May in Rexburg.

Then there's May in the Salt Lake Valley.  Blooming flowers, thunder storms (like the one today).  Baseball and now lacrosse.

I love May.