28 March 2015

Is it Time?

Been thinking that it's time for a change when it comes to my hair.  It's no where near as long as it was two years ago (waist length?!?) when G2 talked me into cutting it for the wedding.

But after needing Shorty to curl it for G2's wedding a couple weeks ago because my arms aren't long enough to reach, I've been seriously considering chopping it off.

But I know that I'll regret it as soon as I do it.

It's beautiful.  Absolutely beautiful--even with its few silvery strands.  Yes, I admit it.  There's silver in my hair.

But as long as I'm still being thought of as my twenty-something children's sister or wife  instead of their mother, I'm not going to let a few silvery strands bother me.

But what do I do with it?  I don't like short hair.  But I don't like to put it in a pony tail every single day.  Not to mention there's too much of it to secure in a clip.  Grrrr....  It's just so easy to keep long.  But I'm tired.  I need a change, somewhere.

I'm open to suggestions.

I really like having long hair.  Loosely curled like Shorty had it two weeks ago--though the wind killed it before photos.  :(

Lacrosse in March

It was a beautiful day for a lacrosse game today.  The Caboose is dealing with a bruised okole from Wednesday's game so he didn't play very much.  But it was beautiful.  I think my legs even got some sun.  And we survived the Caboose driving to the high school in Holladay.  It really makes me nervous when he drives, especially when I'm not feeling well.

The grass was green, the sky was blue for most of the game.  I was warm with my Aggie blanket and umbrella, sitting at the top of the stadium in my chair.

And the Caboose even told me I did really well on taking photos of him during the game.

 That #18 in white (the other team) was a beast.  He was aggressive and nasty.  He laid a few of the Mustang players out and sat in the penalty box for his efforts.  It was an ugly game.

But it was a win.

A Mini Life Story

I love indexing obituaries.  They're each a life story.  Some are sad.  Some are joyful.  Some are funny.

They remind me of the poem The Dash.

One obituary caught my eye yesterday.  It was of a woman in Louisiana who loved animals.  Most animals.  Not the lizards.  The obituary went on to say that everyone loved her, especially the animals. Even the lizards.

So cute!

What is the end result of me doing all these obituaries?  Why are they being indexed?  Here is one to look at.  And the original obituary...


I had a new year's resolution to index 20,000 records a month.  That's a lot of obituaries.  That's a lot of time.

I met my goal in January but because I am now relegated to being a puppy sitter, my indexing time has decreased.  Quite a bit.

So I decided to cut my monthly goal--in half.  I figured ten thousand names/records would be okay.

Ha Ha Ha Ha.

I made my goal on the last day last month.  I planned on being better prepared this month.

Ha ha ha ha ha ha.

Between the wedding and the trip to Boise, it was looking like I'd be lucky to get 5,000 done for March.

Oh, maybe that's why my back spazzed.

I have 78 records left  to be completed for the month to reach my goal.  I've done over 3,000 in the last 36 hours.

I think I need to learn to space my indexing out or something.

Oh, and Zoey says hi. She's helping me type.

ETA:  12 left.

Wind? What Wind?

Was out walking Sapphire last week and came across this tree.

If you ever cared to know how windy it is where I live...  Well, this poor tree gives a pretty good idea.

Never Say Never

My back freaked out on me again this week.  I haven't done very much because I can barely move.  It's often worse in the morning.  I swore I'd never visit my now cousin-once-removed-in-law that I've known since puberty who is a chiropractor because it's just...  awkward.

Well, I went to see him yesterday.

And found out we're on again for planning our 30th high school reunion.  I wonder if you can put it on a resume?

Lots of tears this week because of the pain.  But Wade really did help yesterday.  And it was awkward--at first.  I go back next week.

I think it's awesome that one of my favorite people from high school is now a cousin-in-law of sorts. (G2's mother-in-law is his cousin).