28 August 2014


Even though I was cleared last week of no weight limitations, I still have babied my shoulder.  Even though my awesome physical therapist is feeling pretty darn good about the progress I've made in the past 15 weeks since my shoulder surgery, I still have a nagging feeling I can't shake that something isn't right.  It still hurts too much, this far out.  The incision site doesn't look as good as I think it should.

And then there was last night.  I started to rub lotion on my stomach when my shoulder started clicking.  That has never happened before. You read that right.  Clicking.  Not popping like it's been doing, but clicking.  And visibly moving weird.  I could see it in the mirror as I was rubbing my stomach.  I started getting queasy--even though it didn't hurt, it just felt weird--and stopped for a moment.  I resumed the motion and the clicking stopped.  I haven't been able to replicate it since.  And the pain spiked.

Today at physical therapy, it got fatigued a lot faster than it normally does and again, the pain spiked.  I'm frustrated.  Very frustrated.  BB says movement is solid and it's staying in the joint like it's supposed to but he doesn't like that it clicked on me and that my pain has increased.

It's been 15 weeks for crying out loud!

So he restricted my activities again and I'm back to two visits a week.  Did I mention that I'm feeling frustrated?  *sigh*

I ended my visit with 15 minutes of the Game Ready.  This thing is kewel.  Very kew-el.

 The wrap is filled with cold water as well as air so that I get "iced" and compression on my shoulder.  While it's cold (and you know I don't like cold), I still really like it.  It's a lot better than just plain ice bags.

Took me an hour to get home thanks to "rush hour" traffic and then I spent the evening at the library while GB went to a meeting there.  It's the first time I've been there to get books since mid-May and I got a few.  Nineteen, to be exact.
Most of them are easy reads, well, at least for me.  I love books.  I prefer them to electronic devices.   I love to read.  Off to take a bath with a book and soak my shoulder for a while.

Yay, It's Throw Back Thursday!

Easter 1990.  
Trying to get a photo to send to Daddy who was deployed to Panama at the time.

Miss my baby. Miss my puppy.  Miss the innocence I had of what life was going to be like at that time.

Writer's Block

I've been feeling the pressing need a lot, lately, to find my own source of income.  I know my strengths and weaknesses and really want to do something that brings me joy.  Ha ha.  What's that?  Because of never knowing when the next surgery is going to happen, I feel unemployable.  I've had so many interviews and I'm so stinkin' honest that I get looked over.  Of course I'm usually recovering from a surgery anyway so...  *sigh*

Any time I think about what I can do, I'm drawn to writing.  I want to write.  I love to write.  But I never know what to write.  Will and Autumn are just..  stuck.  It doesn't seem right to have them live happily ever after together and I can't figure out how to end their relationship since they're just drawn to each other, like moths to a flame and I don't want to.  So they remain stuck in my brain, in limbo.

I've thought about writing a book about the escapades of Zee and Keeks.  Either an adult version along the lines of Dewey or even Homer.  But I'm not sure the girls have had enough interesting experiences to fill a 250 page book.  I've tossed the idea of doing a children's version with G2 illustrating it.  That was the plan for this summer, the summer I spent in a sling.  I suppose I could always still work on it and wait until he has time to illustrate...

I tried my hand at poetry today.  Maybe I could publish a book of poems?  Eh...  Didn't go over so well.  Maybe it was the subject?  *shrug*
I dreamt about you last night.
It was as if time had never passed.

Didn't feel like it was a dream.
But I must have known somehow.

Because I clung to you and you to me.
Until I woke up--ripped to shreds and tortured

A tear falls down my cheek
A solitary witness to the heart broken in my chest
And those were the parts that almost made any sense, at least that I'm willing to share.  Maybe poetry isn't in my future.

*sigh*  I wish I could figure out a way to use my typing skills to earn money, legitimately, on my own time that could be made to work with my life.  Ah, well, back to volunteering.

Scheels, Again

I returned to Scheels today with my friend.  Her husband and son's hockey skates needed sharpening and since we were driving by on the way to lunch at Fuji, why not.

Yep.  They're still side-by-side but I think I got the message across so I didn't take another photo.   I really do not like that football shirt, though.  What's funny is that there are a bunch of those shirts in a variety of school colors, including BYU and Utah.  Both the Y and the U have football shirts in multiple colors, even.  Does USU?  Nope.

This was my friend's second ever visit to Scheels so we had to wander.  Clothes, shoes, swimming suits.  We each picked out a bikini that we liked--not that we'd wear them.  *chuckle*  And of course we had to sample the fudge.

Watermelon, root beer, Almond Joy, York, bubble gum (!?!?!?) to name a few.  She was freaked out in a bad way by the bubble gum and watermelon fudge but was freaked out in a good way over the root beer fudge.

We split a six piece purchase.  She got rootbeer, Jordan Sludge (I think), and a coconut caramel fudge that was pretty good.

I stuck with my two favorites--orange cream and rootbeer.  And I had to take home the bubble gum.
It takes about a week or so of little slivers to eat it all gone.   The Caboose was kind of grossed out about the bubble gum fudge.  It tastes pretty good, actually.  I think root beer is my absolute favorite.

She bought some stuff and we almost walked out without the sharpened skates--the whole reason why we went to Scheels!

It's late, and I'm tired.  I woke up early this morning to go walking with my neighbor--oh, that reminds me, I need to map the route we took and let her know how far we walked.

Well, that's cool.  We walked two miles.  I'm not sure how long it took us to walk it but it was a nice, brisk jaunt.  I'm kind of bummed we're not going tomorrow--it's more fun to do it with someone than to do it alone.

Time for bed. I wish my self-control was better and I could go to bed earlier than after midnight...

I think the Israelites are building the Ark tonight in my OT reading.  *yawn*  Pretty long chapter, I think I'll stick with just one tonight.

Later, Gator!

27 August 2014

Late Dinner

Had to take the Caboose back to instacare for his wrist.  He's now in a soft cast for at least a week and has to go visit my awesome hand surgeon as soon as possible.  The instacare doctor said soft tissue damage but should get looked at.  No hockey,  no lacrosse.

But we got our favorite Mexican out of it.  Pork tostada (soft flour tortilla, no rice) and fresh squeezed strawberry lemonade.  No, I don't do soft drinks--but their lemonade is really good.

Second Day of School Photos

I came home from lunch with my friend to the Caboose asking me to take "second day of school photos".  Sure!  He said that he looks better today than he did yesterday.  A photo's a photo and I'm willing to take it when he asks since he's so camera shy.  We played around with spots and light settings.  I like these two the best. He's pleased as well.  You can't see the brace on his wrist, though.
I'm not knowledgeable enough in Photoshop to fix the funky coloring in the right one but he loves it--says he "looks like a model" with the coloring.  Eh...  If he's happy...

We came inside and found Zoey taking a snooze on the blanket on the couch.

I decided to see if I could get a shot of me with her and then the Caboose showed me his sneak shot that he took and posted on Facebook...
It could be worse, I suppose.  Not that flattering of an angle but *sigh*  it's me.  It is  pretty funny, though, so I had to share it.

26 August 2014

I Love the Rain

Apparently Yew-taugh is getting a bunch of monsoonal moisture because there is a hurricane out in the eastern Pacific that is kicking up bands in my direction.  It's been quite rainy the past few days.

I love it.  Love, love, love it.

I even love driving in it.  I was out this evening running some errands with the Caboose (first ortho visit after getting his braces) when it started dropping ginormous globs of rain from the sky.  Seriously!  They'd drop on my windshield and be easily 3-4 inches in diameter.  I tried to take a photo of them.  Heh heh.  I don't do Photoshop very well...

Each circle or funky attempted circle represents ONE raindrop.  Seriously!!!

After a stop at Ikea (where we ran into the best chiropractor EVER who know works with the Utes as well as the Jazz), I headed home, in the rain.

What can I say.  I'm a Hilo girl.

Oh, that reminds me. I need to put my new $6 Ikea lamp together.

 Well, that was easy.