29 July 2014

She's Been Sprung!

Or rather, my arm has been.

My awesome physical therapist gave me the go-ahead today to not use my sling anymore.  That's two days shy of ten weeks post-op and I'm finally free!!!

Okay, well, not exactly.  I still have limits.  I can't lift anything heavier than one pound and I still need to be extremely cautious in a lot of things.  I can, however, now drive using both hands and I can play the piano again.

Still taking a forced vacation from housework, cooking, and cleaning, though.  *sigh*

But it was so much nicer and easier to drive home today.  Woo hoo!!!!

Where Am I Going Wrong?

I picked up a really cool fleece fabric when I was up in Logan a couple weekends ago.  Kiki liked it so much she wouldn't let me trim it without a little "help".
She knows what colors this house belongs to.

She also likes her basket in the window of my computer room.  Zoey doesn't seem to like baskets very much, though she's discovered a blanket that is behind one of the recliners in the living room that she's claimed as her own.  She's there throughout the day and often all night long.

Well, G2 got this brilliant idea to put a basket with a blanket there like the three that are in my computer room so that she'd sleep in it (and I suppose put the blanket away).  I was all for it.  I even offered the three or four fleece blankets we have around the house but no, he told me he was going to buy a new one for the basket.

I should have seen it coming.

I was registering the Caboose for his new school last night when G2 posted the photo onto my FB timeline.  It took a few minutes but he wasn't surprised when he all of a sudden heard a shout of anger as he described coming from the previously mentioned computer room.


No no no no no!!!!  No red in this family!  We bleed Aggie BLUE!

A funny aside:  Zoey hasn't been seen in the enemy-lined basket since G2 snapped the photo.  I think she knows which side her bread is buttered on.  ;)

28 July 2014

Dinner with my Kids

Went out to eat with the munchkins this evening.  Chinese.

And G2 ordered a hamburger.  The poor Caboose struggled with ham fried rice.  His teeth are hurting him.  A lot.  I'm not sure what Shorty ordered, but she was happy to be there.  Oh, and she even tried fried zucchini sticks for the first time.  De-lish!

The Caboose does not like to get his photo taken.  Look at that stink-eye!  *chuckle*

A Little Celebration Because it's O-VAH!!!!

Last night was the final night of legal fireworks for Pioneer Day and the Caboose decided to celebrate the end.  No more loud noises at midnight.  Woo hoo!!!  Not bad for a phone photo!

He was also "celebrating" his second round of braces that he got this morning.  He went with gold this time.
The ortho says probably about a year and a half this time around.  He'll then have pretty, straight teeth.  Um, I mean handsome, straight teeth.

I have an appointment next week to see if it's worth going at it a second time as well.  I'm pretty happy with my smile, for the most part.  But we'll see.  :)

27 July 2014

Ms Grumple Bunny

That's me today.  I don't even know why.  I didn't wake up on the wrong side of the bed this morning.  I was feeling pretty good--even with the sunburn (though I'm still wondering how my face got sunburned).  Was on time for church though I forgot my blanket.

Then I opened my mouth to sing the opening hymn (a favorite, actually).

Ouch.  There's something wrong with my jaw that is causing stabbing, sharp pains up around the 7-8 level of pain when I open my mouth.   Ah, but I deal with pain daily.  I can survive this.

As the three hours (three meetings) progressed, I started feeling ornery.  Very sensitive to words around me.  Not the talks or lesson mind you (skipped Sunday School because was chatting with a friend who just returned from Down Under).  More the people spouting off their opinions about certain things.  For some reason I came out of church feeling like I've been doing something wrong by spending all my time indexing/arbitrating obituaries and mentoring others as they obit and arbitrate obituaries.

Yeah, it just got worse from there as I came home.  Disappointed in a few people I'm related to.  Pretty angry about their behavior, actually.  Okay, just one of them.  The other has an excuse--though it's my fault there, too.  *sigh*

Hopefully some Lindor Truffles will shake me out of it.  Chocolate cures almost everything.

So Very Painful

I'm in a melancholy state today.  No, I don't have a melon collie.  I'm just low.  Still waiting for that yummy chocolate to kick in.  It's sure taking its own sweet time.

My grieving friend posted today about grief that got me thinking.  I've pontificated on grief before but that was holiday specific.

The thought she shared today reverberated throughout me like a ringing bell.

Grief is love expressed in sadness.

Such a simple statement yet so profound.  There are people and pets that all this time later I still grieve.  I often wonder why.  It's been how many years since Jake died?  Or Ulanka?  Or even more recently, my dad.  Not to mention my grieving over other, well, lost people?  I think that's what affected me the most by her statement.

I've always thought it odd that there are some relationships that ended and I didn't grieve them.  I had sadness and disappointment, even a bit of anger directed towards the person, but grief?  No.  I move on pretty easily.

Then there are others where I feel that loss deeply.  I beat myself up over those feelings because I haven't understood why after all these years (and I'm including the deaths of my pets in this) I'm still grieving over that loss.  I would do and have done anything have a semblance of what I had back in my life, even for a brief moment.

Why is that?

Well, after reading her thought this morning it hit me like a ton of bricks.

Love.  I know I love deeply and thoroughly.  When I love someone or something, I give everything.  Whether it's a person or a pet.  I love wholeheartedly and openly.

So when they leave my life for whatever reason, I grieve.  And it looks like I grieve for the rest of my life.

But you know what? I'm okay with that, now, because I now understand how it's related to love.

26 July 2014

Another Tourney, Another Sunburn

I spent the last two days at another lacrosse tournament in Draper.  I came better prepared with a tent, a cooler, wide brimmed hat, and yes, even sunscreen.

I still got sunburned.  BUT!!!!  I had permission to be out of the sling so I made sure the right arm that has been several shades lighter than the left arm for the past four weeks got the rays.  I'm hoping to be matched up in skin color when all is said and done.

The Caboose was thrilled that G2 and his girlfriend (gotta come up with a nickname for her) and Shorty were able to watch a couple games this time around.  He's been wanting them to see him play.

The tourney started last night.  It was pretty comfortable for late July in Yew-taugh.

 Well, that's cool.  He's posing for the camera during the game.  ;)
Notice the USU shorts....  *cheesy grin*
I loved the late afternoon light on the Draper LDS temple
 Hopefully two weeks of BYU lacrosse camp helped him.

They won yesterday's game handily and he even scored a goal.  They had three games scheduled today, plus the championship game, if they had enough points to make it.  I made a prediction that the same thing that happened last month would happen at this tourney--since the first team they played last time ended up being the team they beat in the championship.
They beat the other team so bad it was painful to watch.
That's the copper mine in the background.  A beautiful setting to watch lacrosse games.
He also played more long stick in this game (defense focused).
It was time for the third game of the day.  The team they were going to play were also undefeated so rather than playing two games back-to-back with the second game being the championship, the PTB decided to make the first game the championship.  It was getting pretty hot.

 This was a fun game for the Caboose.  Not only was it the same team his team played and beat for the championship a month ago, BUT there were several players on the team that were at the BYU camp that first week that he bonded with while there.
I don't think he played any Attack this game.
All long stick.
 Yeah, it wasn't as easy.  In fact, when Shorty left to go to work with just five minutes left in the game, they were down 11-6.  It wasn't looking good for the Blackhawks to go undefeated again.  Even Grumple Bunny lost interest in the game at that point

But wait....

When time expired, the score was 12-12.  Oh dear!  The same thing happened last month with the same team in the same championship game.  The score was tied at the end of regulation.  They then played until the first team scored (again).  Again, it looked like the other team was going to score and win but no, the same Attack position that scored the winning goal last month came through yet again and scored the winning goal today!
Meltdown U-15 Champions!
Tired but ecstatic to win a t-shirt!
It was really nice to have the tent there this time.  I spent most of the day in the shade. Well, my upper body did.  My legs are doing it again. And I even had sunscreen!  And, they finally stopped peeling this past week from the previous sunburn at the Patriot Games.

Hey, at least I brought the sunscreen this time.  Maybe next time I'll actually use it!