19 March 2016


I love sunsets.  I guess I'm a night owl because I hate mornings--but I love sunsets.  Here are a few photos of sunsets I've taken over the years, just because.


 Whelp!  That's a lot of sunsets!

16 March 2016

New Phone, Finally

I finally upgraded my phone yesterday.  Been waiting for the Samsung S7. I liked my S4 but didn't like the S6 cuz it didn't have external storage. My phone's party.

Though it's frustrating to reload all my apps & photos.

Bath Time

Good gravy am I exhausted! Woke up early to fix my brother breakfast then took Turbo  the VW dealer for the 30,000 maintenance appointment before  heading to the UM's apartment to help them move.  They moved to a smaller one but it's a manager type so they are getting a good deal on rent. Bonus for me it's easier to get to & not on a busy  road and a parking spot for me to visit.

Oh, and they're voting for Bernie?!?!?!?! 😣

15 March 2016

Happy to Have Him Here

My brother crashed already.  He's been camping in frigid temperatures for the past four days.  He's happy to have access to hot water and a comfy bed that may or may not include a kitteh at some point.  *chuckle*

Sapphire was quite upset when he walked in the door.  She barked, growled, and acted like a watch dog for about a half hour.  She did not like him.  We finally got her settle down by my holding her and JJ giving her treats.  By the time he was ready to crash, Sapphie was begging him to play ball with her.  Go figure.  :)

We spent the evening with a photography/camera lesson.  Oh, I hope I can remember what he taught me!

He's always been my favorite brother.  :D

One Sick Fishy

Well, that will teach me to clean out Fishy's aquarium.  I was very proud of myself last week for changing the rocks and washing the 20 gallon aquarium that my eleven year old (feeder) goldfish lives in.  All.  By. Myself.

Unfortunately, Fishy started showing signs of getting sick on Thursday.  Brown, white, failing fins and tail along with a cloudy, swollen eye all indicated Fishy was very sick.  Not to mention the very cloudy water--that had been crystal clear and clean two days before.  I wasn't too worried, we've been there before--well, except for the funky eye.  :(  I just unplugged the charcoal filter and started the five day treatment on Thursday.  Fishy's eye was already looking better by Thursday night, and Friday's appearance was so much better!

Then came yesterday.  The water was horribly cloudy and Fishy was hanging out near the surface, looking like he was gasping for air.  I was just heartbroken.  What had I done to my poor Fishy?  I know it sounds crazy but I prayed for guidance and help.  I didn't want Fishy to suffer and asked for his release if he was going to die.  And if not, then I asked for help in knowing what to do.

Meanwhile I was refusing to google what it meant to have Fishy gasping for actual air.  I didn't want to know what was going on.  I just wanted him to either be put out of his misery, or helped.  For nearly twelve hours I watched.  Not continuously, but I'd check.  I was preparing myself for the worst, finding my 11 year old fish floating on its side in the aquarium, and even planning what to do with a 5-inch long goldfish's remains.

Late last night, I finally got the guts up to google Fishy's symptoms.  And was just sick to my stomach--because it was a simple fix.  I changed a third of the water and turned on the air filter--minus the charcoal filter part of it and within minutes, minutes!!!  Fishy was behaving normally.

Oh, Fishy is still sick.  We have one more day of treatment and another 48 hours before I can add the charcoal filter back to the pump.  But he's not gasping for air anymore!  Water is clear.

Fishy is 11 years old so I know his time is nearer than I probably realize.  Still, my Fishy is resilient and a survivor.

I never knew a $1 feeder goldfish from Walmart could get so big and live so long!

A Visitor!

I'm so excited; my baby brother who lives in Montana and teaches photography at MSU is spending the night tonight!  He went fishing in the High Uintas over the weekend and he's on his way home from Moab and Arches National Park.  He asked about three hours ago if he could crash here before heading to Mom's in the morning.  I said of course!

Of course we do have the influenza in the house.  :(  Caboosey is really, really sick.  I warned JJ about it and he'll be sleeping upstairs, away from the sickly kid.

No one ever (okay, well, rarely)comes to visit me so I'm so stoked!  I did about four days worth of cleaning in 2 hours.  I might get out of bed tomorrow.

14 March 2016

Pi Day Anniversary

The Ute Marrieds are celebrating their first anniversary today.  That year went by really, really fast!  I'm not sure what they're doing to actively celebrate, though I am "helping" them move to a new apartment on Wednesday.  I think it's Spring Break up at the U.  Lucky them.  It's snowing down in this part of the valley at the moment.  Lucky me.

I was going through photos to see if there were any new ones I could share that I didn't share a year ago.  Eh...  Not really.  The UMs weren't happy with their photographer, in fact, my photos were the same or even better than his were--and I was just using my Sony compared to his super expensive camera, once they finally got the photos from him--like six months later.

Eh, I shared all the best ones a year ago.