26 October 2014

Day 6: NC✈MD →VA

The first part of our last day in Charlotte was spent sleeping in.  Well, GB was at his conference while the Caboose and I slept in.  We had been going non-stop since Saturday and it was now Thursday.  We earned our zzzzs.  Our flight back to BWI left at 7:15 pm so we had a lot of time to kill.

The hotel (guess which one we stayed at) let us stay in the room until 1:30, which was nice, since GB was still at the conference.  We slept until almost noon.  Well, the Caboose slept til 1.  I guess I slept til 11:30 or so.

(Wow.  I hardly used my cute little pink Canon until after my Oly broke.  Most of my photos are on the Oly or my phone.  I miss my Oly.  A lot.)

After we checked out of the hotel , we headed off to find the nearest Steak and Shake.  Why oh why can't they come here to Yew-taugh?  I tried a Wisconsin Buttery steakburger without the onions, of course.  I don't think I'm ever going to like Yew-taugh burgers again....

We had time to waste at that point and discovered the airport overlook so we wasted time watching planes land and take off.  Salt Lake International doesn't appear to have a similar parking lot.  Bummer.  I could watch planes land and take off for hours.

Heh heh, I actually did...

Love clouds.
Playing with the digital zoom
on my Oly.  I'm gonna miss it.

We returned the car and headed to the airport.  While we were waiting to board, the Caboose dropped his phone and shattered the screen.  Great.  Just great.  We're two months from when he can get a new one...  Ah well.  We can deal with it. Just no texting.  It was a "brick" (the same one he threw at me) because I'm not ready to give him a smartphone yet.
Not a bad car.
It still had the new car smell, even.
I chose it because it's similar to the Camry.
Never one to pass up a back up camera!
We landed at BWI around 9ish and look what I found in the gift shop.  I already have a larger one that cost about $30 less so I walked away.  Aren't you proud of me?

But I did find this shirt.  It was in a youth size otherwise I totally would have bought it.  I posted a photo of it on Instagram/FB bemoaning the fact it was too small for me and a friend suggested I buy it anyway and applique it onto a shirt more my size.  Sadly, I didn't see the post until I was home--the fourth time through BWI in nine days.   I so could have done that.  Then I would have had this awesome shirt.  I'm not sure why Snoopy was so big in Baltimore.  I saw hats, other t-shirts, mugs, and that huge stuffed Snoopy...  Weird.

 We rented a Dodge Caravan this time around.  I haven't driven one of those since I got the Pacifica--seven years? It took a while to get it because there were a lot of people in line and while waiting, poor GB had to deal with a very sad guy at the car rental place.  He'd left his phone on the plane and borrowed GB's.  When he called his dad to let him know, his dad yelled at him and then hung up without him being able to tell his dad what had happened. How awful is that? I cried for him, I felt so bad.

Headed back to Gainesville but stopped at the Washington DC temple to see if I could get some photos.  The lights go off at 11 pm...  Drove up to the gate, turned around and just like that, Moroni was dark.  So bummed.  Very bummed.  I did get one photo from the Beltway, though.  Blurry.  But it was pretty cool.  I promised myself I was going to do my best to get back when it was lit....  Did I do it?  You'll have to check back to see.  *smile*

25 October 2014

Fall Lacrosse All Pau

Almost done with next installment...

The Caboose's final two lacrosse games of the fall season were today.  It was a windy, sunny, warm (80°) day, though I was in my jacket and blanket.

They lost.  It was ugly.  But the Caboose scored once and had an awesome assist in the second game.  What was amazing, though, was that he had played hockey last night and got checked into the boards twice.  Hard.  Very hard.  He woke up this morning appreciating the pain I have in my shoulder...  Yeah, I didn't think he'd be playing lacrosse this afternoon.  But he did.  No photos because I don't have a camera capable of taking decent ones.

Do you like hockey?  His games are on YouTube, including last night's game where he hit the board and his mama cringed.  Big time.  (The first one is about 1:30 or so and play starts at about 8:00.)

Love My Aggies

While BYU is falling apart at the seams (they've lost the last four games, including against my "glorified high school team" *rolling eyes*), the Aggies have been trying.  Chuckie Keeton went down early this season then apparently the QB who filled in last year with success went down against Arkansas State last week.  My state trooper friend was in Romney Stadium (no, not that Romney) today and let me know that the 3rd string QB went down in today's game against UNLV but it didn't matter.  The true freshman 4th string stepped in and they scored one more touchdown.

And the defense saved them.  I told my friend that I was envious he got to be there since I haven't been to Romney Stadium since 2000.  Been trying to get back, but...  Now that the marrieds live in Oregon, I won't have a reason to go "home".  Although, Shorty told me today that she'll be moving to Logan when she comes home from Romania to attend USU.  We are an Aggie family!!!!

Hobby Lobby is Dangerous


Lookee what I found at Hobby Lobby yesterday!

Me?  Obsessed?  Nah.  Isn't he cute?!?!?!?

Now, to find a place to hang my latest acquisitions.

And now that I'm done catching up with my DVR this evening, I'll work on my next installment of the Eastern trip.

Snuggle kitty

Grand Kitty Sitting

This is the kind of grandchild sleep over I like. Perky is spending the night because Shorty's dad is being, um, difficult. Maybe I'll sleep tonight.


Why am I so tired?

Funny story: hockey photos were earlier this week. The coach didn't consider who was going to actually take the team photo. So I got nominated. Then his camera died. So I took the photos with y camera phone.