30 October 2014

Rose Colored Glasses? Rose Colored Glasses!

I recently got myself a pair of new sunglasses.  They're pretty cool because they're prescription sunglasses and they didn't cost an arm or a leg.  I actually bought two pair, with different color lenses--though I wear the rose colored ones more than the blue.  Wait, I don't think I've worn the blue ones more than once since I got them.  Love online stores!  I'm not sure about their appearance, though I've had compliments as I've worn them.

I didn't realize until I was back East and seeing all the Fall foliage just how much the choice of color in lenses affects what I'm seeing.  Everything was much more vibrant and colorful. I constantly kept pointing foliage out but GB wouldn't agree.  His sunglasses' lenses were blue. I'd snap photos and then lift my glasses to see if reality was the same.  It wasn't, sadly.  I'm noticing the same affects at home as well.  Dull, dark, cloudy days are much brighter when I'm wearing them  Leaf colors are almost as vibrant here as they were in Pennsylvania and New York.

It seriously gave a whole new and real meaning to the phrase "seeing the world through rose colored glasses".   I understand, now.  The world is more beautiful when I'm wearing them.

29 October 2014


I keep hearing the comparison today...

The Caboose got his monitor this afternoon.  It's a "patch" that he'll wear for the next 14 days with no restrictions.  Hopefully it will identify whether he's having more tachycardic episodes, though we suspect he is.  Even his cardiologist thinks he's having them.

The patch is quite phenomenal, actually.  So much better than the holter monitor I've had to wear a few times.  He'll wear it for two weeks then I'll pack it in a box and ship it back to the manufacturer, who will then evaluate the data and send a preliminary report back to the doctor so we'll know what is going on--and if he'll need another ablation.

He's a guinea pig with this monitor.  He's only the second pediatric patient in Utah to use it and they want him to just be himself.  Hockey, lacrosse practices, everything he normally does.  They are very excited that he is willing to be their guinea pig!

He says he feels like he's Ironman--in fact, he's thinking about being Ironman for Halloween.

Because it's so new (they just got it yesterday), we had to go all the way to PCMC to have it put on.  That worked out because we had to go to Holladay for an ortho appointment anyway.  (Should I get braces?)  To keep myself occupied on the way home, I sang along to my iPod play list.  And put the Caboose to sleep.  *chuckle*

I used to sing him to sleep when he was a baby/toddler.  Guess I still have the magic.

28 October 2014


I walked out to the mailbox today and when I returned, I found this cute little picture waiting for me.

She normally doesn't "wait" for me.  Usually it's Zoey that's begging to get out, so I was a little surprised.  I was also surprised and a little embarrassed at how dirty the door was.  At least it doesn't really show up in the photo.  I promptly cleaned it.  Now I'm paying for the work.  My shoulder is begging for my rice bag.  *sigh*

But seriously, isn't she just so cute?  I love my soft little gordita.

Moving Day

The marrieds flew the coop today.  They're on their way to Oregon for Al's new job.  I'm conflicted because I'm happy that Al gets to have a job that he studied for (not to mention a very valid excuse to visit Oregon) but I'm sad that they'll be 13 hours away rather than just 100 miles.

On a spur of the moment decision, I drove up to Logan yesterday to "help" Al load the moving van. I was so willing to do it, I'd thought yesterday was his first day on the job an I'd missed my chance to see them.  I just wanted to spend time with them before they moved.  I sat with Wrenn at her work while she ate lunch before heading over to their apartment. I'd forgotten how beautiful Cache Valley is in the fall.  I love burning bush.  Healthy burning bush.  I have several of them in my yard and they're not so healthy.  :(

I think I made a couple trips with bags of clothes and packed up a couple boxes.  One of the helpers (a friend of Al's friend) asked about Al's "sister".  The friend asked if I was 50 years old--based on how old Al is.  "He(censored) NO!!!!!"  Of course the friend also asked a "potentially awkward question" of which "mom" I was.  My response?  "The original."  He was a character, kept calling me "Mrs B" because his Texan grandma raised him that way and even though I told him he could call me by my first name, he refused.  Made me feel 50 years old, especially since I'm not old enough to be his mother...  (He is older than Al--though I'm not really old enough to be Al's mother.)

My grand-kitty was locked in the bathroom while they were packing the truck so I sat on the rug in there and got to know her. She's come a long way since they first brought her home because she let me hold her and even take photos of the two of us.

This is progress!
She'd hang around me unless Al was in the room.
She doesn't like Al.
 Eh, no.  No photos for you.  Bad lighting.  Very bad lighting.  Too bad because I had an exceptionally good hair day...  I should have used my Canon rather than my phone because they're very dark and grainy....  Not worth sharing.  I was still thrilled, though, that she actually let me take the photos.  She's a cutie.  I like this kind of grand-baby...  *chuckle*

As an aside while looking at the photos, I'm amazed at how much I'm starting to look like my older (half)sister.  She's taller than I am but we are very similar in our facial features.

I teared up several times during my visit. It's hard but not really hard It's not like they're moving to Canada, they're moving less than 900 miles away--on the Oregon coast!  Whales!  Tide pools...  Oh how fun.  I'm already making my plans to visit at some point.  I did tell Al to make sure he was out of the tsunami zone...

I still cried, though.  Wish I could have stayed longer.

26 October 2014

The Camera Debacle

I'm working on Day 7 right now but I figure I can take a moment to write about the camera debacle I keep referring to.

Last Sunday I dragged the boys to DC to visit the Smithsonians.  I wanted the Caboose to have a chance to visit these museums but he wasn't happy.  Both of them were rather ornery.   The Caboose wanted to go to a Redskins or Ravens game but we were too late to get tickets.  I would have like to have gone but I really wanted to visit the museums again.

Score free parking on the Mall.  I don't know if it's just that particular part of DC that has free parking--or if it was because it was Sunday and we had my handicapped permit.  But yeah, major, major metropolitan city and we didn't have to pay for parking.

Parts of the Mall are being worked on so we had to walk quite a ways west to cross it to get to the Museum of American History.  I had my camera around my neck as we walked into security and my phone in my pocket.  I put my phone in my backpack and the camera on the counter.  I had a brief flash thought to put the camera in the backpack but there was a line behind me and I didn't want to hold people up.


I walked through the magnetometer and next thing I know I hear a loud crash and my Oly is on the floor with its guts falling out.  Well, okay, the batteries.  The security guard was worried and concerned and asked if the camera was broken.  Noo... Yes.  It had a zoom error.  He told me to go to the security offices to file a report for insurance purposes so that's what I did.  I wrote it all out, they copied it and handed a copy to me with the promise that they'd get back to me after they reviewed the video of what happened.

I honestly don't know what happened.  My back was turned so I know I didn't bump it.  The only thing I can figure out what happened is that the guard pushed my backpack out of the way for the next person and didn't see the camera.

As we were leaving American History to Natural History, I saw the assistant security manager talking with the security guard and it was pretty clear that they were discussing my camera so I know that he was following up on it.

I called on Thursday and they said the report was going to Risk Management on Friday and that RM would be calling me at the beginning of the week.  I guess we'll see what happens.

I hate when I ignore a prompting.  I could have prevented this by putting my camera in the backpack.  Ugh.  BUT it was still his fault.

I have all my photos from five years ago so I wasn't too stressed about missing out.  Well, my photos of the Hope Diamond this time around aren't as good.  *sigh*

Ah well.  *heavier sigh*  At least it was at the end of the trip.  And I just bought a new xD card for it...  Wonder if I can return the card...

Sony? Or SL1

On my way home from BB's office on Friday, I stopped by Best Buy so that I could handle the SL1 and T5i side by side.  I am really at a loss as to what camera to get.  I trust my brother's judgment when it comes to cameras and he thinks I'll be happy with the SL1--so I'd all but made my decision.

The salesman, who, by the way, is studying photography like my brother, tried to get me to buy a Sony mirrorless one.  Ugh.  Reviews on it aren't that great.  I don't know what to do.

Although I'm waiting until I hear from "Risk Management" to see if I'll be compensated before purchasing a new camera, I'm seriously confused.  I just want a camera that I will like.

I'm even making it a matter of prayer.  Silly, I know.  But I do that a lot, pray for help in making a decision.  Though we're instructed to make the decision first and then pray if it's the right one....

But some times my prayers aren't like that and they get answered anyway...  *wry grin*  I can pray about the craziest things.  But if they're important to me, they're important to Him and He answers.  Take the airport at Pittsburgh for example....

Or just last week in the Sacred Grove.  (oh, that is a little spoiler there)

I know He answers my prayers.  I know He will help me choose the right camera--though I think I've already decided.

The SL1 it is.

Day 6: NC✈MD →VA

The first part of our last day in Charlotte was spent sleeping in.  Well, GB was at his conference while the Caboose and I slept in.  We had been going non-stop since Saturday and it was now Thursday.  We earned our zzzzs.  Our flight back to BWI left at 7:15 pm so we had a lot of time to kill.

The hotel (guess which one we stayed at) let us stay in the room until 1:30, which was nice, since GB was still at the conference.  We slept until almost noon.  Well, the Caboose slept til 1.  I guess I slept til 11:30 or so.

(Wow.  I hardly used my cute little pink Canon until after my Oly broke.  Most of my photos are on the Oly or my phone.  I miss my Oly.  A lot.)

After we checked out of the hotel , we headed off to find the nearest Steak and Shake.  Why oh why can't they come here to Yew-taugh?  I tried a Wisconsin Buttery steakburger without the onions, of course.  I don't think I'm ever going to like Yew-taugh burgers again....

We had time to waste at that point and discovered the airport overlook so we wasted time watching planes land and take off.  Salt Lake International doesn't appear to have a similar parking lot.  Bummer.  I could watch planes land and take off for hours.

Heh heh, I actually did...

Love clouds.
Playing with the digital zoom
on my Oly.  I'm gonna miss it.

We returned the car and headed to the airport.  While we were waiting to board, the Caboose dropped his phone and shattered the screen.  Great.  Just great.  We're two months from when he can get a new one...  Ah well.  We can deal with it. Just no texting.  It was a "brick" (the same one he threw at me) because I'm not ready to give him a smartphone yet.
Not a bad car.
It still had the new car smell, even.
I chose it because it's similar to the Camry.
Never one to pass up a back up camera!
We landed at BWI around 9ish and look what I found in the gift shop.  I already have a larger one that cost about $30 less so I walked away.  Aren't you proud of me?

But I did find this shirt.  It was in a youth size otherwise I totally would have bought it.  I posted a photo of it on Instagram/FB bemoaning the fact it was too small for me and a friend suggested I buy it anyway and applique it onto a shirt more my size.  Sadly, I didn't see the post until I was home--the fourth time through BWI in nine days.   I so could have done that.  Then I would have had this awesome shirt.  I'm not sure why Snoopy was so big in Baltimore.  I saw hats, other t-shirts, mugs, and that huge stuffed Snoopy...  Weird.

 We rented a Dodge Caravan this time around.  I haven't driven one of those since I got the Pacifica--seven years? It took a while to get it because there were a lot of people in line and while waiting, poor GB had to deal with a very sad guy at the car rental place.  He'd left his phone on the plane and borrowed GB's.  When he called his dad to let him know, his dad yelled at him and then hung up without him being able to tell his dad what had happened. How awful is that? I cried for him, I felt so bad.

Headed back to Gainesville but stopped at the Washington DC temple to see if I could get some photos.  The lights go off at 11 pm...  Drove up to the gate, turned around and just like that, Moroni was dark.  So bummed.  Very bummed.  I did get one photo from the Beltway, though.  Blurry.  But it was pretty cool.  I promised myself I was going to do my best to get back when it was lit....  Did I do it?  You'll have to check back to see.  *smile*