31 August 2015

Been Waiting for a Reason to Use It...

Kanye for president?

Moving On.... to Cleveland?

The Caboose is a sad camper this evening.  We got a letter in the mail today notifying us that his awesome pediatric cardiologist is leaving Primary Children's Medical Center and moving to the Cleveland Clinic.  The letter stated she was confident in leaving her patients in the competent hands of her fellow cardiologists.  He told me he wanted to move there, or near there.

Poor kid.  Can't say that I blame him.  The first cardiologist he saw told him it was psychosomatic.  Uh, yeah.  Sure.  The second one--who did the second ablation back in November--didn't "connect" like Dr Saarel did.

I think we're both a little sad at the news.  Hopefully, though, what she said will hold true and his heart problems are in the past.

No One Deserves to Die

It bothered me when I found out about it.  I don't know if it's because it's so close to home and people I know, friends I love, have been affected.  Or maybe because I tend to get riled up when it comes to domestic violence.  Probably both.

It's interesting, though, in a sad sort of way.  The comments on the news link, not to mention on FB, were brutal.  If he punched his girlfriend, then he absolutely deserved to die.

Um, no.

Before I go there, I talked to my friend who lives down the street and whose neighbor gave him CPR.  She swore he didn't punch her.  Pushing, yes.  Punching no.  AND the cops were there at the initial confrontation according to my buddy, J, who went to Oregon with us

But after a comment I made in Sunday School yesterday, a friend of mine who has an "in" (though I'm not at liberty to share, she just knows things), told me that yes, in fact, he did punch his girlfriend.

And I have to watch the sister of the victim deal with it on twitter (since she and the Caboose are friends).

No bueno.  At all.

Back to deserving to die.  I think I have a right to have an opinion more than just the average observer here.  I'm a survivor.  Though I haven't been punched (that I can remember), I've been thrown, dragged by a car, knocked off a car, had my fingers bent into contortions no finger should ever be bent, poked, had kitty thrown in anger, eh...  you get the picture.  I know what domestic violence is.

While I wish my own brothers would have stood up for me when I was dealing with the abuse (and they knew--they just thought I was making it up or exaggerating), I would never have wanted them to beat him up.  No.  I would have rather the cops haul his sorry ass to jail and he pay for what he was doing to me, even if that meant I forfeited child support.

He may have been a punk-ass kid (or not, depending on who you talk to) but he didn't deserve to die.


I've said it before, I don't like 99.999999999 percent of sea food.  I realized I can't actually say "seafood of any kind" because of where I'm going with this post...  Heh heh.  No fish.  No crab.  Especially no shrimp.  I wasn't even willing to try the cute little crab that the boys caught at Bandon a couple weeks ago.  Too traumatized or something...


I love clam chowder.  So much so I had it for breakfast and lunch that Sunday and probably would have had it for dinner if Al wasn't cooking.

While at Smith's tonight, I grabbed a couple cans of clams.  I want to see if I can make my own from scratch.  Campbells is okay.  That one shack in Bandon was ah-maze-ing.  The other two..  *meh*  But to make my own....  I haven't done a lot of cooking lately so it will be interesting.  Probably should find a recipe...

*off to Pinterest*


In the Big House

The Caboose is a week into his first year of high school at Herriman High.  He's a sophomore.  Ironic, I think, that I was a sophomore in high school thirty years ago.  Yikes!!!  It seems like just yesterday that I walked those halls.  Now those halls are the junior high and there's a new Madison High.

He seems to like it.  He loves his psych class, though I'm not impressed with his teacher.  Anyone who admits to deliberately manipulating people makes me a little nervous.

It's been a busy week for our little town...  Okay, not so little... and high school.  First, HHS has made the news over a "scandal" with senior photos.

Secondly...  This probably deserves a blog post all its own.  I will say that it's close.  It's down the street from one of the boys that went to Oregon with us and the boyfriend is the big brother of the Caboose's summer girlfriend's best friend.  Yeah, I'm going to write another post about my feelings there.

So crazy times in Herriman.  Oh yeah...  The obligatory first day of school photo:

It's the beginning of the end of an era for me, my last child in high school.  I'm not old enough.

I'm Not Sure About This

I hate my laptop.  I really, really hate it.  Ever since I took it to PC Laptops over two years ago, it's been just...  awful.  I'm ready for a new one.  A Toshiba.  Yup.

But I wanted to wait until Windows 10 came out.  I like Win7 and I've heard not so very nice things about Win8 so I wanted to wait...

Then again, when the news broke that computers with 7 & 8 would get a free upgrade to 10...  Maybe that will clear up my issues thanks to that mess PC Laptops made.

Well, today was the day.  I backed everything up and took a deep breath...

Eh.  Jury's still out.  It's so much like Win7 that I'm not worried about adapting.  The thing I am worried about, though, is that the OS thinks PC Laptops built my computer now.  Um, no.  Dell did.

I still want that Toshiba.

And a sewing machine.

29 August 2015

Cotton Candy... Grapes?

I love the flavor of cotton candy.  I love cotton candy, I love cotton candy ice cream, yoghurt, candy sticks, taffy.  You name it, I love it.  Don't know why.  I just do.

Imagine my surprise this morning when I walked into Sprouts and found this...

I'd already taken the grapes out of the bag and washed them....

Omigoodness....  They taste like cotton candy!

For real!!!!!!

I can't stop eating them.