26 February 2015

#tbt Ulanka

Fifteen years.  It's been fifteen years this week since Ulanka headed off to the Rainbow Bridge to wait for me.  I miss her.  There wasn't or hasn't been another dog like her.  No, not even Sapphire.

24 February 2015

Five Years?

G2  reminded me in a FB post today that five years ago today I dropped him off at the MTC in Provo so he could spend two years as a missionary for the Church of JESUS CHRIST of Latter-day Saints in Monterrey Mexico.


How did he observe the 5 year anniversary of his mission?  He went to the county clerk's office with his sweetheart and got their marriage license.  :)

23 February 2015

Weird Weather

Shorty had to go to Ft Dix last week in preparation for her upcoming deployment.  She sent me a photo with the caption "I miss Utah".  I never thought I'd ever hear her say that!

I'm glad I live in Utah these days.  The willows are popping their leaves and the tulips are peeking up through the ground.  Snow?  What snow?  I don't think we had  more then three days of snow on the ground at a time this past winter.  There's snow in the mountains, of course, but in the valley?  Nope.

It was in the 60s recently.  In February.  In Yew-taugh.

I was loving it.  It was especially nice since we've been housebreaking Sapphire.


I'm sure we'll be paying for it during the summer.  Water restrictions by June.  That's the consequence for having a mild, mild winter.

22 February 2015

My Poor Finger

I was being a "good girl" this past Tuesday and made myself a fruit smoothie for breakfast.  Having sliced fingers open on the Ninja blades in the past, I was very careful as I was putting the Ninja base away.  I knew there was a blade there, somewhere.

Ah, rats.

Sure enough, my left index finger connected with that blade.  It wasn't bad or really very deep, it just bled.  A lot.  And it was in a bad place--right below the Knuckle on the top side.  I put pressure on it for about an hour.  Still bleeding. I called GB at that point and while on the phone with him it stopped.  I told him that I'd let him know in 3 hours if it was still bleeding.

Three hours went by without it bleeding.

Then it started up again.  Ugh!!!!

For over 48 hours it would repeat itself, bleeding then stopping.  Bleeding then stopping.  Didn't help that one time Sapphire nipped at it and it started bleeding again.  I had bandages and ointments on it.  GB bought me a finger splint Wednesday to wear.  I took it off Thursday--and it started bleeding again.  I gave up at that point and made an appointment with the Caboose's doctor for Thursday afternoon.

I didn't need stitches, I needed to let it rest.  He "super-glued" it and told me to wear a splint for up to two weeks to let the skin knit together again.  Life is difficult with the splint, that's for sure, but it stopped bleeding--until yesterday when Sapphire gnawed on my finger again and poked through the glue.  *sigh*  Damage wasn't too bad.

Hey, I get out of doing dishes, though.

19 February 2015

#TBT 15

The Caboose's 15th birthday was yesterday. He thinks he's getting his learner's permit tomorrow.  I guess he is.  Maybe it's better to say he thinks he'll be driving soon.  Ha ha ha

18 February 2015

Puppy Progress

Dare I even whisper the good news?  She's housebroken!!!!  She has accidents when Mama forgets to take her out after being in the crate, but other than human error, Sapphire lets us know she needs to go out!  She's finally being let out into the (fenced) back yard on her own and seems to love it.  So many smells and things to chew on!

Monday was the first time we left her in her crate for a while while we left the house.  It seemed to go well.  She'll be in the crate while I go to the dentist tomorrow.

"Papa" "wakes" up twice during the night to take her out.  I'm impressed and very surprised by his diligence.  He seeks her out whenever he comes home, feeds her consistently and even takes time to train her.  He loves his little pumpkin.

We've discovered a way to tire her out at night.  "Papa" sits at the bottom of the stairs with treats, I sit at the top of the stairs with treats...  Up and down she goes, about ten times, until she's exhausted.  She sleeps well.  I don't hear either one of them.

 She loves to sleep in her Pets Rock bed in the puppy play pen.  Gives me a chance to index, though I'm no where near even half way to my monthly goal of 20,000 records this month.  :(

I came home one day from somewhere
and discovered the two of them in her play pen.
 Kitty toys are way more fun than puppy toys, apparently.

She loves to attempt to engage Perky and Zoey to play.  I've been trying to record the interaction because it's so stinkin' hilarious.  She presents her tail in to both of them and waits to be "spanked".  Perky can swat her rather hard and she goes back for more.  She'll chase Zoey around and Zee will even chase her around. Perky has laid claim to the cardboard gingerbread house and when he's in it, she'll want to play, trapping him in the house with her tail end in his face.  He doesn't like it very much.  But we laugh.  A lot.

Keeks is getting better. She'll come out into the living room and kitchen but once Sapphie sees her, the chase is on--right back to my closet.  I hope Keeks will accept her some day.  Soon.
 Papa said the other night that he figured if she bothered these two, they wouldn't hang around her like they do.
Sapphire had fallen asleep on the chair--first.
Perky jumped up to join her.
Note who's on the floor
and who's on the Caboose's lap
She loves to carry cold, wet wash cloths around.  I think she's created her own obstacle course in the living room. It's fun to watch.  She's been teething a lot lately, on my hands, and I decided enough was enough and bought some rawhide.  That has helped considerably.  I look forward to the day when teething is all pau.

We've discovered Hill's Ideal Balance dog treats and they make her Kong toys way more interesting than just plain ol' peanut butter.  Oh, and cheese.  She loves cheese.

So much energy!  I appreciate the naps.  Love the naps.  Whether it's in her stylin' bed or in my arms, I don't care.  She's stolen my heart.

14 February 2015

I Can't Believe I Forgot!

Why yes, I absolutely hate V-day.  Nothing's changed there.

I still love Sweethearts conversation hearts, too.  Still no change.

So in between dealing with my new puppy and other *ahem* issues, I completely forgot to buy my absolutely favorite candy in the world.  I bought some Brachs hearts the other day but they're not the same.

Kinda ironic, isn't it?  My favorite candy is from the holiday I hate the most.

I finally bought some tonight.  Yeah, my V-day date was to the grocery store after eating frozen pizza at home.

Oh, and I walked past this display twice without seeing it.  I finally saw it the third time and stopped literally in my tracks with my mouth hanging open.  Love Hot Wheels cars.  The other love goes without saying.  ;)  I came home with the two that have the Flying Ace and Literary Agent on the package.  GB asked me "Why do you buy that kind of stuff anyway?"  Um, really?  After how many years "together" and he has to ask that question?  *sigh*

So I scored.  I got two Snoopy Hot Wheels cars (have I ever mentioned the Rubbermaid tote that is full of 26 years and three boys worth of Hot Wheels?) and my Sweethearts.  And I took a three hour nap this afternoon without having to worry about a puppy.