28 June 2015

Fun Times at the Lacrosse Tournament--NOT

The Caboose had another lacrosse tournament this weekend.  They lost.  All four games.  It wasn't fun to watch.  Especially in the high heat we've been having in Yew-taugh.  (It's currently 102ยบ at 5 pm.)  There were two games Friday evening (4 & 6 pm) and two games yesterday morning (9 and 11 am).  GB had bought a canopy so we were shaded for the most part.  It was just hard to watch them lose.

Friday's later game was, um, interesting.  The team the Starz was playing had players from the Caboose's high school team and it was confusing to the brain to not cheer for a Herriman player...  We knew these kids and it was hard to want to beat them.  A "gentleman" (and I use the term very loosely) showed up to watch and it was clear he had a son on the team.  It was also clear he was going to be a challenge to sit next to for the duration of the game.  He. Had. A. Mouth.

and he didn't stop.  He took on the officials throughout the whole game and it was bad.  So bad that the near field official engaged him twice.  Unfortunately, rather than shutting him up, it mad him even worse.  He claimed to know more than the officials and when the official told him to sign up he said "no, I've played at a higher level than this, I'm good."  Huh?

I had been sitting next to one of the Caboose's high school team coaches and he actually got up and left because he was concerned about what would happen if he said something to the guy...

All.  Game.  Long.

Finally, a parent from the other team (one that we knew from the HS team) told him to just shut his mouth.  He took great offense at that and went off on how "classy" this parent was to mouth off.  He was just having some fun, blah blah blah.  I couldn't take it anymore and turned to him...

"Please, sir.  Please stop.  As the mother of a team mate of your son, I'm pleading with you to stop."

He then turned his vile behavior towards me, asking why he should stop.

"You're embarrassing the rest of us parents as well as our players with your behavior.  Please.  Just stop."

He didn't like it, not one bit.  Having been just obnoxious with his behavior up until that point, he got ugly, dropping the "f-bomb" on me.  When I pointed that out, he made fun of me for not saying the word.  Wow, really?  Now who was being "classy"?  It got ugly--on his part.  I just kept asking him to stop.  Politely, but he accused me of "verbally assaulting" him and he didn't deserve that kind of treatment.  Me and the people around me just looked at him in disbelief.  GB told me to stop because it wasn't worth it.

So I did.  But he kept going.  Thankfully, the game was over and it ended.

I found out later that GB had walked over to the parent on the other team (his son and the Caboose are friends) and told them to just let it die.  The man wasn't worth getting into trouble over.  Yeah, then he walked back to his seat to find me engaging with the jerk.  He wasn't happy with me at all.

He was the only one, though it still caused me to question what I did.  The Caboose's girlfriend (???!?!?!?!?!) was there and when the C walked up after the game she told him what I did.  He was impressed.  The other parents were glad I stood up to the man.

But still...  The only one whose opinion really mattered to me was embarrassed by me taking a stand.  That hurt.

Why did I do it?  No one else did and I felt strongly something needed to be said.  He was awful.  I don't usually do stuff like that but this time felt right.  I was surprised that I didn't end up in tears once he turned his ugliness onto me.  Then again, I'm used to dealing with people who behave like that all the time, even worse since it's family.  I guess I'm numb to it.

I tried not to think about the incident overnight, though I have to admit, I was a little scared that he would go after me at the Saturday games.  There was obviously something very wrong with the man.  Very wrong.

Yesterday morning as we were waiting for the first game to start, another gentleman walked up to me and GB.  He said that he had only witnessed the last 15 minutes of what happened the night before (his son's game was right after ours on Friday, but the Starz were playing against them in the first game) but he expressed appreciation that I had the courage to say something to the man before and if he started up again today, there were a lot of parents around who now would say something so I wouldn't be standing alone against him and I'd be protected if he tried something.

Just like that, my fears washed away.  I was shocked and extremely grateful for his words of encouragement.  Just because some people were embarrassed by my "behavior", didn't mean what I did was wrong.

The Caboose came over to where we were sitting between the morning games and told me he had talked to the man's son.  The reason for his horrible, obnoxious behavior?

He was drunk.

Ahhhh......  That made so much sense!  It explains why he didn't respond to my appeals to stop for his son's sake and why he irrationally accused me of #^&*(# verbal assault.

He wasn't at the first game yesterday but he was at the second one.  He sat about 20 feet away from us but he kept his negative comments to himself.  He didn't come near me, thankfully.

At least Sapphire had fun?

24 June 2015

And Then There Was G2

I learned a lesson last Wednesday that I hope stays with me.  I learned that Heavenly Father is aware of even the minutest details.  He is aware of schedules and conveniences and everything.

I found out on Tuesday afternoon that my report time for surgery was 1 pm.  I'd rather have a later report time than the o'dark-thirty ones so I didn't mind at all.  GB had decided that if I did have an afternoon report time, he'd go to work in the morning and then come to get me since he had planned on taking Thursday off.  He's missed quite a few work days this month thanks to lacrosse tournaments and now my surgery.  In fact, the last thing he said to me Tuesday night was that he was going to work in the morning.  He's done it before and it's no big deal.

I was instructed by the surgical center to shower both the night before and the morning of (I've never figured that one out but *shrug*).  I had decided to wash my hair the morning of since I had a lot of time on my hands.  I also planned on some last minute cleaning and stuff since I didn't know how long I was going to be down.  That included making the bed the Oregon marrieds were sleeping on since it's downstairs...

We were both still sleeping when GB's cell rang at 8:30 am.  I could tell it was G2.  He was asking if I was in surgery and stuff then I couldn't understand the rest.  I heard GB say "are you all right?"  Then after a lengthy explanation, "do you need us to come get you?  What hospital are you at?"

Uh oh.

He handed the phone to me and G2 told me what happened.  He was riding to work on his brand new $800 road bike (he's a little obsessed) and a female driver wasn't paying attention turned at an intersection where he had the right-of-way and hit him.  He told me that he had just barely missed being hit right before and figured he was yelling at her before he hit the ground because he was angry.  He wasn't going to go to the hospital at first (even called his wife and told her) but changed his mind and went anyway, in an ambulance.  The driver had an expired license but appeared to have insurance.  His knee was hurting but he only had a little bit of road rash on his fingers.

He called us from the hospital right before they took him for x-rays, then he called his wife and let her know he'd changed his mind.  I took the fastest shower I think I've ever taken and we were on our way to Salt Lake Regional Hospital.

CB was with G2 when we got there.  He was on crutches and had a knee brace.  He was still a little shocky (emotionally).  They got in the car and we headed off to Walgreen's to get his prescriptions.

I am not a fan of that particular Walgreen's pharmacy.  I had to wait for quite a while to even be acknowledged--and then the store manager came to help me instead of the pharmacy tech.  Grrr...

After dropping the scripts off, we went to G2's work (he's working for an architect firm in downtown SLC before starting on his MS at the U this fall) to get his poor, poor bike.

Back to Walgreens, and then to their apartment up by the U.

There was nothing else to do at that point and we had plenty of time before my 1 pm report time.

The driver was insured and it will, at the minimum, cover a bike replacement and he's already seen an attorney.

 I've been really concerned about his knee.  After all, he is my child and with my joint issues...  He's supposed to be out of the brace today but he's not doing very well.  He's scheduled for an MRI tomorrow to see if there's more than just muscle damage.  I hope not.  He's got one of the best attorneys around so...
 It could have been worse, much worse.  His foot didn't get crushed by the car when it easily could have...  So many other things.

23 June 2015

G4, High KP, Auroras!

Apparently Earth got hit with a big magnetic storm last night.  The Space Weather Center was saying auroras could be seen as far south as Iowa and Pennsylvania.  Wait a minute, I'm on the same latitude as both of them!

There are times when I hate living in an urban environment.  :(  Another storm is supposed to hit tomorrow/Thursday.

It's times like this I miss working for the physics professor at USU that studied the upper atmosphere.

Knee Update

I just realized I hadn't shared an update on my poor knees.  I had my post-op followup yesterday and got to talk to Dr K about what he did.  I frankly don't understand why GB doesn't ask questions the day of the surgery or even take down notes.  He knows I want to know.  Instead, I had to wonder for five days.  *sigh*

So...  Both knees had torn menisci but he couldn't tell if they were chronic or acute.  Both needed a patellar shaving, both needed a chondroplasty.  Both have about a dime sized area that is bone on bone.  He "microfractured" them with the hope of encouraging cartilage growth.  They're both "teetering on the edge" of getting replaced.  He still wants to get me to 50 before considering it but it's looking possible.  He said neither was worse or better than the other.  They were both pretty damaged and needed repair.  I'm thankful that I decided to do them both--even though GB is still upset with me.  Not sure why.  I think by doing them both, it got me off of crutches or the walker faster.  I may be walking like a very old person but you know what?  I'm walking.  On my own.  Slowly.  No double time for me these days.

And, they do look fairly decent, if I do say so myself.  They may not be "perfect", but they are looking pretty good considering.  All muscle baby.  All muscle.  Too bad I'm not a runner.  I have the calves for it.  I might be peeling a little, though.  *cough*

I went with a pretty blue polish topped with a blue and mauve sparkle for my pedicure.  I really like it.  Mermaid toes!

Sharing With Shorty

Shorty really, really misses her Perkster.  I try to soften the lonliness by sending her photos multiple times a week.  He and I have a really good relationship--as long as I keep him fed and away from the Pup Pup.

 Apparently my foot is worth snuggling up to.  (pre manicure, obviously...)

I need to send these to her.

Cute but Hot

It stinks to have long hair and live in Yew-taugh in the summer.

And have to do your business outside.  Good thing there's shade!

The life of a puppy...  When she's not chasing the poor kitties around and driving me loco.  

A Song Trigger

I love the nifty "save" feature that Facebook has these days.  I use it a lot since I often use FB on my phone and while I don't mind FB, I really don't like to surf the web on such a small screen.  I often end up saving whatever link so I can check it out later on my laptop.

While I was contemplating my annual post for today (I love to do it, actually but... yeah.), I decided to check out some of the links I saved and came across an article on People about the movie St Elmo's Fire.  I was shocked when I read that the movie is 30 years old.  I remember it because it was the first "R" rated movie I ever went to--and it was a double date with the nsdxh and his (former) best friend whom I happened to be dating and it wasn't 30 years ago.  Ends up, the movie theatre in Rexburg had late night previously run movies on the weekends--a precursor to the dollar theatres--and that's how I ended up seeing St Elmo's Fire at the ripe old age of 15 11/12 *chuckle* at midnight.  Yeah, I was nearly 16.  Still too young to be seeing an "R" movie without my parents.  I'm not sure I ever told them...  Oh well.

Anyway, back to this article....  When I got to the bottom and the music, I clicked on the video to Man in Motion and was instantly transported to my sophomore year in high school complete with a panic attack?!?!?  It actually happened again just a minute ago when I got the link for here.  That's why I'm not embedding the video.  While I liked the song back then, I'm struggling with it now.  Weird.  Really weird.  *shrug*  Eh, I just won't listen to it again.  It doesn't matter, I think.  Just really, really surprised me.

Then there was the love theme. Seems like the version that had lyrics was fairly rare and listening to it now, I'm surprised at how slow it is. I loved the instrumental version and even have the score still in my piano bench.  I thought it interesting, though, that I didn't get triggered by that song at all.  In fact, I think I might just pull it out of the bench and attempt to play it.  I love David Foster's music.  Just love it.