23 November 2014

Should I Be Worried?

An article came up on my FB news feed yesterday that has me confused.  Not worried, just confused.

Here's the article.

In the 16 1/2 years since my pacemaker was implanted, I've asked the question several times--could the magnetometer affect my pacemaker?  The answer has always been no.  The only thing I've ever been instructed to avoid is an MRI.  Never a magnetometer.

I've gone through one probably a hundred times in those sixteen years between flying and attending Utah Jazz games.  It's only been an issue once when they were wanding me because of either crutches or my knee brace and saw the scar on my chest.  Then it became the legal groping that TSA gets to do.  I hate that.  So I take my chances with the magnetometer.  If it kills me, so be it.

But I seriously doubt it will, especially since it hasn't yet.

My annual is in a couple weeks.  I'll ask about it (again) then.  Or I could ask the cardiologist tomorrow...

22 November 2014

No Black Widows for Zee

GB was cleaning out the garage the other day.  Zoey wanted out "help". I was willing to let her watch but I didn't want her exploring.  There is an over-abundance of black widows in Yew-Taugh, and in the garage.

So we sat.

Does the blanket look familiar?  It should.

Tort Claim?

I finally got a response from the Smithsonian the other day.  I've been instructed to file a tort claim. I took the Oly to a camera repair shop who quoted me $82 to repair it.  I can live with that,  I think.  Especially since I won't be out any money to get it fixed.

Maybe I'll be able to get my tablet after all. Though the Caboose wants my Oly if it does get fixed.  Decisions,  decisions.

Karma is a *cough*

I hate hockey. I hate the violence.  I hate the obnoxious parents.

But tonight?  It was beautiful.  The other team forfeited because of penalties.  Would have loved to have seen the face of the obnoxious mother sitting by me when she found out.

Winter? Not ready for it

It's that time of year again.

Drove up on dry roads.  Waited 90 minutes for the boys to get their season passes & drove home in this.

Well,  half of the canyon, at least.

19 November 2014

I Wonder As I Wander

That thought came to me late last night as I was once again taking a turn cleaning in the Oquirrh Mountain LDS temple.  We usually have the assignment once a year.  I think.  Either that or I missed the 6 month assignment because of my shoulder.  Because my body is worse than it was a year ago, I really had to do do some "light" cleaning.  Last night it involved dusting the upper two floors of the temple and cleaning the hymnals and scriptures that are throughout those two floors.

It was pretty cool.  I had dusting mitts on as I wandered from room to room (with permission) looking for surfaces and lamps to dust.  And I did a lot of wondering while wandering...

The first wonder that came to me is how comforting it was and comfortable I felt as I wandered through the chapel, ordinance rooms, sealing rooms, and the Celestial Room.  

Many people are afraid of the temple because they either don't know what goes on inside or just the thought that it is the literal "House of the Lord".  I've had times in my life where I felt I didn't belong but not last night.  I felt.... at home.

The photo comes from this web site.
I was in the Celestial Room three different times by myself while dusting and wiping down the scriptures.  That's not a typical experience during the day time.  Usually there are at least 15-20 other people in there, ordinance workers, temple patrons.  To be there late at night, alone...  So quiet.  So peaceful.  So loving.  

I was responsible for dusting the tables, lamps, and vases.  I hardly found any dust--because it gets dusted every week night.  I still enjoyed the quiet reflection I had as I was able to wander.

Another wonder had to do with all the crystal chandeliers throughout the sealing rooms as well as the Celestial Room.  I was able to stand under them and just look.  That opportunity again doesn't happen during a regular day-time visit.  You can see a part of the Celestial Room chandelier in the mirror reflection in the above photo--and others on the page that I linked to.  I love crystal.  I love crystal chandeliers.  :)

I return to the wonder of peace and acceptance I felt as I wandered around last night.  The gratitude that my body was able to participate in a special, sacred opportunity.  I love the temple.  I love the teaching that families can be together forever.   The peace.  The knowledge that the family is an eternal unit that extends beyond the grave.  I love the hope it brings.

That Was Simple!

I wrote yesterday that I was going to re-install the operating system on my laptop after backing all my important files.  Backing up the files took a lot longer than I thought but I finally got to the point where I could start to re-install the OS.

I wasn't surprised when I couldn't.

Frustrated, yes.  Surprised, no.  I figured that would probably happen and I'd be buying myself a new laptop in the near future.

But I don't want a new laptop at the moment.  To be honest, I really want to wait until Windows 10 is released.  I've heard too many negative things about Windows 8(.1) and I just did not want to buy a new one with the new OS available in the relatively near future.

I've been doing a lot of research of laptops in the past week or so but I haven't been able to single one out that I actually want.  I've been struggling with a stupor of thought in regards to buying this new laptop.  Nothing.  Nada.  Zilch.  Do not buy the laptop.

All the diagnostics tell me that there is nothing wrong with my XPS.  Hardware is all healthy.  No virus/malware.  But I was getting to a point where I wanted to throw it off a roof. It just wasn't working.

After the last ditch effort to fix it by re-installing the OS failed last night, I made it a matter of prayer.  I asked to be guided to find what was wrong with it so that I could possibly fix it and not have to buy a new one, please.  Pretty please...  It's a righteous desire to not to spend money, right?  *chuckle*

I didn't get to my computer until this afternoon and was still trying to figure out what was wrong with more diagnostics.  Nothing.  It is in the top 14 percent of all computer systems around these days, even at nearly three years old.  What in the blazes is wrong with it?!?!?!

I knew the struggle had to do with physical memory.  It's been running at nearly 100 percent for a while now.  I was actually debating buying new, expanded memory last week but I wasn't sure that I wanted to if the lappy was dying. A thought popped into my mind about an hour ago.  Check the amount of memory.

So I did.

And was a little, but not really, surprised to see that it was only registering 4 GB of RAM.  I have 6 GB of RAM.

Powered it down, turned it over, and unscrewed the cover to check the memory.  Sure enough, the 2GB card was not inserted properly.  Took me a few tries before getting it inserted where it's supposed to be but the XPS is now registering 6GB of RAM and is running at half of the physical memory it's been running at for the past few weeks.

Problem solved.

Personal revelation is an amazing thing.  I love it.  Just love it.

Now, I need to figure out the best place to buy my new camera.  Although I should probably call the Smithsonian to see if they're going to reimburse me before buying it.  I really miss my Oly.