04 October 2015

Guns and Motorcycles

I don't like motorcycles.  Never have, really.  There was a time there, for a while, that I knew quite a few people who died in motorcycle accidents.  I've actually known several more people who have died while riding their bikes than people who have actually been in a major car accident.  (Al, the Caboose's cousin, my ISP friend who rolled his cruiser, my brother.)

In fact, the month GB started his new job here in the Salt Lake Valley, the police chief lost his life in a motorcycle crash.  I often wondered why a police chief of all people would be riding a bike without a helmet.  Surely he would understand...  *shrug*

Coming home this evening, we saw several emergency responders heading south on Mountain View.  Normally, we're not ones to follow and be "looky-lous" but for some reason the boys decided they wanted to see what was going up up by the Caboose's old charter school.  I figured why not...  How bad could it be?

Um, hello.  There were a half dozen police cars already.  It was going to be bad.

GB, who was driving, (embarrassingly) slowed down as we passed where the EMTs were and since it was on my side of the car, I got a good look at a bloodied motorcyclist on the ground, being treated.  His bike was 100 feet farther south, so it must have rolled quite a ways.  The biker had a helmet on but was in short sleeves.  What I saw wasn't all that graphic, though it bothered me.  What I felt upset me more.  I can't even begin to describe it.  Fear?  Pain?  I immediately started to cry and said "I hate motorcycles."  I started on a rant about them being dangerous and deadly and then immediately shut up as a thought about how they're similar to guns came into my mind--just as GB said exactly what I was thinking.

How are they similar?  Well, I don't know exactly what happened up on MVC this evening other than seeing the cyclist down but it wasn't the motorcycle that caused it.  It could have been the cyclist.  It most likely was a car driver who turned onto MVC and either didn't look or didn't see the cyclist and caused him to make an evasive maneuver that caused him to skid and crash.  It was a person who made a choice, perhaps a selfish one.

Guns are the same way.  The gun doesn't kill people.  People use guns to kill people.  Just like they use fertilizer or other incendiary devices, airplanes, knives, and even vehicles.  We don't call for the banning of any of them, do we?  They're all weapons.

As much as I hate motorcycles, I realized in that moment that I wouldn't ever dream of banning them.  I feel the same way about guns.  Banning them won't stop murders.  Heck, look at Chicago for crying out loud.

If you can't tell, I'm a firm believer in the Second Amendment.

That moment when I connected motorcycles to guns was an epiphany, really.  I hate motorcycles and I hate guns but I don't believe in banning them.

This world has gone crazy.  Absolutely crazy.  And unfortunately, it's only going to get crazier.


29 September 2015

Done with the Tinsel

I have a confession to make.  I have tinsel in my hair and it's showing.  Not a lot, but enough that I can see it and I don't like it.  Not one bit.  I'm prideful that way.  I always said I'd keep my natural hair color as long as I possibly could and when I couldn't take it anymore, I'd color.

How much tinsel?  between 3-5 percent.  But when you have dark hair....

No bueno.

I've been researching colors because I'm not going to be simple.  I've always liked red, you know.  My hair in the sunlight...

I love it.

But I'm looking at other, less natural options.  And curls.  I miss curls.

If only my tinsel were gold.  Then I wouldn't have to do anything.

Then again, maybe it is.

I'm not ready for more tinsel.  I'm just not.  Old enough.

(Did I mention someone asked the Caboose the other day if I was his sister?)

I still got it.

Wait, I'm Not a Cat?

She thinks she's just like all the other four-legged people in this house.  If they can sit on top of the recliner, why can't she?

Chocolaty Cinnamony Goodness at Home?

I have loved cinnamon bears for as long as I can remember.  Even before I got braces back in 1983.  Going 18 months without eating them was torture.  Awful!

My neighbor introduced me to chocolate covered cinnamon bears last year.  Oh goodness.  Chocolate and cinnamon bears?!?!?  I've found them at the cafeterias at the hospitals I've visited in recent months but not in my local store; although I did find them at Walmart a couple weeks ago.

Was at Smith's this evening and looked for them again.  No joy.  They have regular cinnamon bears, though.  I wonder if I could create my own chocolate covered ones...  *thinking*

*thinking some more*

 This could be good.  If I don't eat them all first, that is.

Hello Darkness, My Old Friend

Late night is quiet time around the house.  Sapphire is in bed with the Caboose or with GB and since she's taken my place in bed, I often stay up indexing or playing AlphaBetty Saga.  More often than not I have a soft and cuddly little friend come visit.

She's been coming out more during the day, too.  At least to eat.  She slinks slow to the ground, expecting Sapphire to jump her.  That makes me so sad.  I miss my happier Keeks.

But she loves me.   She needs me.  And I need her.

Ulanka Didn't Like the Water, Either

Once upon a time, a long time ago, I had a dog.  She was an amazing dog.  Perfect in nearly every doggy way.  She was quiet, a cuddler.  My best friend.

But she didn't like the water.  At least when I first got her.  The nsdxh who wasn't x at the time decided one day to throw her in the moat where we lived.  Yeah.  A moat.  We lived in the servant's quarters at a place that was surrounded by a moat.  At least for a little while.  The moat was cool.  Except when he threw my puppy into it to teach her how to swim.

But it worked.  She learned how to swim and eventually would play in the water.

Flash forward twenty-seven years and I apparently have another dog who doesn't like the water.

We took her to Alta Canyon's Dippin' Dogs party last week.  We were really hoping she'd see the other dogs playing in the water and want to join in.

 Unfortunately, she wasn't interested.  We'll keep trying, though.
 She wanted nothing to do with the swimming pool--but the 100+ dogs that were there?  She loved it!

Although I think she got a tad overwhelmed by so many "friends".

 After the swim party, we headed south for a lacrosse game.
They lost.  :(  The Caboose wanted me to film it.  That was fun.  Not.
Just a man and his girl.
Who needs me when he has her?
 On the way home, we drove by an LDS temple I'd never been to before. I've seen it a lot from the interstate but never driven by it.  I'll have to come back some time, especially since it's only about 20 miles away.  *chuckle*

Peanutize me

Have you done it?

I have.  A few times.

I'm not sure which one really looks like me.  :(

Then I did my family...

This is how I see Shorty
This is how she sees herself.  :)
Needs a lacrosse stick or something.